Why Your Bachelor/Bachelorette Sucks Pt. 1

This year’s cast of tributes for the annual Paradise sacrifice (ABC)
The poster child for every white woman who gentrified Bed-Stuy (ABC)
The type of male-hoe who invites you to formal, fools around with your sorority sister in the bathroom and then goes home with you in the same night (ABC)
If you asked an A.I. to create a photo of what a assistant manager at Enterprise looks like, they would show you this (ABC)
Disclaimer: this article is written by a Katie stan (ABC)
Put. On. A. Fucking. Shirt. (ABC)
100% used to work for Hollister when she was in high school (ABC)



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Chris Mejia

Chris Mejia

Delusional sports fan and messy Bachelor/Bachelorette viewer. These are my hot takes.